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Vol.1 No.1

Vol.1 No.1

  • FWLS
  • Vol.1 No.1
  • Published2009
  • ISSN 1949-8519
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  Tables of content

  Poetical Theory Study

  Personal Statement on Infrastructure Poetics

  Anne Waldman 1

  Dream Politics in the Poetry of Langston Hughes

  Douglas Taylor 8

  Art and Ecology in Thomas A. Clark’s Poetry

  Daniela Kato 16

  Mechanics of Allegory in Randall Jarrell

  Stuart Christie 27

  Eliot’s Concept of Time in Four Quartets

  Chen Hong 43

  Ezra PoundImagism and Consumer Culture

  Li Yunfeng 50

  The Nature Images in W. S. Merwin’s Poems

  Du Juan 58

  Analytical Study of Poetry

  Recollection and Location in Elizabeth Bishop’s Geography 111

  Zhang Yuejun 67

  Morality as Approach to Democracy in Langston Hughes’s Early Poetry

  Luo Lianggong 73

  On the Poetic Construction of Ecological Ethics in“Ode on a Grecian Urn”

  Liu Fuli 80

  On Pound’s Environmental Concern in“In a Station of the Metro”

  Zhou Xin 89

  Ecological Thoughts in Jeffers’s Poetry

  Xu Jiangqing 95

  Larkin’s Landscapes:The Lost Eden

  Lii Aijing 104

  A Model of Continuity and Transcendence:Study of Stevie Smith’s Poetry

  Li Ling 112

  Diasporic Complex in Charles Reznikoff’ s Poems

  Wang Zhuo 118

  On the Creeks and Rivers in American Literary Classics

  Zeng Li 135

  Eco-critical Study of Fiction

  Mary Shelley’s Fraukeusteiu in the 21 st Century Historical Context:an Eco-ethical


  Cheu Lizhen 143

  Outsider, Insider, Doorkeeper:Female Characters in Heart of Darkness

  Jiaug Wenquan 151

  Ecological Orientation and Moral Concern in Joseph Conrad’s Jungle Novels

  Wang Xiaolan 159

  Hitler’ s Gas Chamber&Cloud of Noxious Chemicals in 1Fhite Noise

  Dai Xiu 167

  A Study of The Bell Jar from the Perspective of Eco-Feminism

  Lai Yan 172

  On the Ethical Consideration in Three Lives

  Liu Hougwei 180

  Retirement and Reappearance:Don DeLillo’s Early Novels

  Jiang Xiaowei 186

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