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Vol.2 No.1

Vol.2 No.1

  • FWLS
  • Vol.2 No.1
  • Published2010
  • ISSN 1949-8519
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  Tables of content

  Analyses of Ibsen’s Dramatic Texts

  Peer Gynt’ s Boundary-Crossings ; The Global Map of His Empirical and Mental Journeys

  Kraut Brynhildsvoll 1

  The Lady from the Sea:Emergence from Marine Unconscious to Awakened Living

  Rukesh Mohun Shurmu 7

  Discord and Harmony Between Human and Nature:An Ecological Interpretation of

  The Lady from the Sea

  Dunni Dui 19

  Periphery and Tragedy:Ibsen and the Emergence of a Literary Form

  Leonardo F. Lisi 28

  Ibsen’s Use of Holy Days:An Amalgam of PhilosophyPoetryand Religion

  Truusti Olufsson 35

  The Use of the Gun and the Myth of Freedom

  Subihu Huq 45

  Ibsen’s Compass:Points of Dread and Desire

  Anne-Charlotte Hunes Harvey 51

  Ibsen’s Plays on Stage

  Negotiating Difference:Contemporary Bengali Representations of When We Dead

  Awaken and The Wild Duck in Bengal

  Tuputi Guptu 63

  Ibsen in the Globalized Society:Multiculturalism-or the Lack Thereof-in Norwe-

  gian Ibsen Performance

  Lixian Cheng 69

  Intercultural Implications of A Doll’s House:Experiences with a Production of Ibsen’s

  Play in Mozambique.

  Helge Running 75

  The Making of a World Dramatist:Ibsen and Det Norske Treater

  Tanya Thresher 82

  Post-perestroyka Receptions in Staging Ibsen

  Margarita Odesskuyu 89

  Comparative Studies on Ibsen

  The Theme of“Discussion”:IbsenShaw and Ding Xilin Compared

  Sun Jian 97

  The Role of Women in the Reception of Ibsen in Finland in the 1880s and 1890s

  H. K. Riikonen 103

  Misinterpretation and Innovation:Receptions of A Doll’s House during May Fourth

  Movement in China

  Chen Liang 109

  Playbird or Featherbrain

  May-Brit Akerholt 117

  A Doll’s House and Kramer vs. Kramer; Objections to Family Law

  Bjurne Murkussen 123

  Meeting Points of Ibsen and Rabindranath

  Kuzul Krishna Bunerjee 131

  Tracie Utoh-Ezeajugh’s Nneora:An African Doll’s House as a Paradigm

  Alex C. Asigbo 140

  The Biographers’Tale of Ibsen’s Childhood

  Jens-Morten Hanssen 149


  Preface to The Interplay Between Art and Politics:A Study of Langston Hughes’:Poetry

  Nie Zhenzhao 159

  Classic of China, Treasure of the World:Review on The History of Japanese Research

  on The Book of Ancient Chinese Poem

  Liu Jiuling 164

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