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Vol.2 No.3

Vol.2 No.3

  • FWLS
  • Vol.2 No.3
  • Published2010
  • ISSN 1949-8519
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  Tables of content

  Coetzee Studies

  J. M. Coetzee’s Australian Realism

  Elleke Boehmer 341

  To Speak of This You Would Need the Tongue of a God:Coetzee’s Age of Iron

  Township Violenceand the Classics

  Derek Attridge 355

  Writing Self as Other; J. M. Coetzee’s“ life writing” in Scenes from Provincial Life

  Sue Kossew 363

  The Genre Strategy of Coetzee’s Writing; Hybridization of Fiction and Non-fiction

  Cai Shengqin 376

  Tagore Studies

  A Living Legacy:The

  Poonam Surie 386

  Grand Visit to China;

  Wei Liming 396

  Holistic Development:

  Rajasri Basu 427

  Relevance of Tagore in Today’s World

  Historical Significance of Tagore’s China Visit

  A Tagorean Vision

  Bjornson Studies

  Bjornson and Women’s Social Emancipation

  Tove Bakke 437

  Bjornson Spirit:The Benevolent Loves Others

  Liu Minghou 444

  A Mind as Broad as the Ocean:A Few Thoughts on Bjornstjerne Bjornson’s“The


  Sun Jian 455

  Miracle and Violence as Phenomena of Hope and Happiness:On Bjornson and Be-

  yond Our Power

  Ng Hong Chiok 460

  Estonian Literature Studies

  For a First Glance at Estonian Literature

  Juri Talvet 466

  Estonian Poetry:The Seduction and the Toil of Thinking in Rhymes

  Juri Talvet 468

  Estonian Poetry in English

  Lauri Pilter 487

  Translating from French Language into Estonian Literature

  Katre Talviste 505

  Book Reviews

  A Call for Love and Harmony:On Juri Talvet’s Poetry and Prose

  Hu Tianfu 518

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