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Vol.3 No.3

Vol.3 No.3

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  • Vol.3 No.3
  • Published2011
  • ISSN 1949-8519
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  Japanese Literature Studies

  275 Introduction to Japanese Literature Studies

  Oshima Hitoshi

  276-288 The self-organization of Japanese Literature

  Maria Jesusde Prada Vincente

  289-298 Mythological Heroes in Korea and Japan

  Min Byung-Noon

  299-310 The literary value of Basho’s poetry

  Oshima Hitoshi

  311-322 The Decorative and the Poetic in Rimpa Art

  Cynthia Daugherty

  323-332 “You’re Forever Stuck in NeutralManmeat”:Hobbesian Biopolitics

  and the Rise of the Transhuman

  Thomas Lolis

  Romanian Literature and Culture Studies

  333 Romanian Cultural Identity:Landmarks and Turning Points

  Monica Spiridon

  334-341 Oriental Voyages:Marthe Bibesco’s ExtendedCountry

  Roxana Verona

  342-349 The Picturesque Romania:An Exercise of Reterritorialization and Sym-

  bolic Translocation

  Romanita Constantinescu

  350-363 Post-1989 Romanian Literature and the Reframing of Cultural Identity

  Marcel Cornis-Pope

  364-371 Romanian Cultural Identity:RememberedRecordedInvented

  Monica Spiridon

  Brazilian Literature Studies

  372 Introduction:Homage to Brazil

  Charles Ross

  373-382 Juliet’s Brazilian Mother

  Charles Ross

  383-398 Postcolonial Plagiarisms:Yambo OuloguemCalixthe Beyalaand Witi Ihimaera

  Shaun F. D. Hughes

  399-409 The Poignant Moment:From G. E. Lessing to Film Theory

  Beate I. Allert

  410-419 English in the Expanding Circle:the Differences Do Make a Difference

  Margie Berns

  420-433 Orpheus and the Racialized Body in Brazilian Film and Literature of the

  Twentieth Century

  Patrice D. Rankine

  434 Notice from Office

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