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Vol.2 No.2

Vol.2 No.2

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  • Vol.2 No.2
  • Published2010
  • ISSN 1949-8519
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  Ty Buckman and Charles S. Ross 169

  World Shakespeare

  Othello and the French Tradition in Les enfants du paradis

  Charles S. Ross


  Shakespeare in Iowa

  Brady J. Spangenberg 181

  The Anti-Gaze in a Hybrid Shakespeare:A Discussion of Women Characters in Priuce

  of the Himalayas

  Runlei Zhai 194

  Love and Empire:The Transnational Logic of Feng Xiaogang’s The Banquet

  Jinhua Li 206

  Representations of Shakespearean Women in Contemporary Brazilian Media

  Christiaue F. de Alcantara 215

  Creating the Ghosts of Modernity:Magic and Memory in Hamlet and Cieu Anos de


  Jason Lotz 227

  Renaissance Travels through MiltonTimeand Mind

  Expensive Egypt

  David Read 237

  Language and Difference in Hakluyt’s Principal Navigations

  Marianne Montgomery 246

  Olympias and Infidelity in the Alexander Romances:A Cross Cultural Study

  Jena AL-Fuhaid 254

  The Mythical Method in Song and SagaVerse and Prose:Part II

  James Nohrnberg 270

  The Epic Decision:From Homer to Milton

  Peter Hufnagel 303

  The Fight Over the Body in Paradise Lost Book IV

  Ty Buckman 317

  Devotional Method and Efficacious Reading in John Donne’s Devotions蔑on Emergent


  Mardy PhilippianJr. 329

  Wang Xiao-ping Won the 2nd Nara International Myriad Leaves Prize of Japan

  Chao Gao 338

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